Sunday, 30 October 2016

Kids Hallowe'en Kitchen Project: Spooky Bark

How to make Halloween spooky bark

Happy Hallowe'en! We had a busy weekend putting the last minute touches on our costumes and carving our pumpkins. I had promised my daughter that we would make spooky bark, though, so this morning we were up early and right at opening time my daughter bounced like a jack rabbit into the Bulk Barn.

What you'll need:

  • white, milk or dark chocolate squares or,  if you prefer, moulding wafers
  • an assortment of spooky Hallowe'en treats (a note for next year: stock up on these early! I was surprised today when the Bulk Barn had very few Hallowe'en choices because the Christmas candy is already out. So weird.)
  • parchment paper
  • cookie sheet

I let my daughter work on her project first, since she was so excited she just couldn't sit still. Since this was our first time making spooky bark, I also wasn't sure how it would turn out and thought we'd use hers as our taste case. She chose to work with the dark chocolate, first. 

It's pretty simple really, and there is no need for a recipe. Just melt the chocolate, pour it on parchment paper and decorate away!

making halloween candy bark at home


A note on technique: it actually wasn't as easy as I assumed it would be. The first time around, I melted the chocolate on medium heat with the pot directly on the burner. It melted quickly, but then just as quickly turned lumpy and the sugars started to separate from the milk. Uh, oh. Never mind, my 3 year old didn't notice and had a blast decorating (and then gobbling up) her spooky bark. I think it looks more like lava flowing from a candy volcano, but no problem because she was just thrilled (and if I thought she couldn't sit still before this activity, the sugar turned this place into a mad house for the rest of the day!).

milk chocolate halloween candy bark


For the white chocolate, I tried a different, and better, technique: I boiled a medium pot of water, then submersed a smaller pot in the water, just deep enough to cover the bottom of the pot. The chocolate then melted beautifully and perfectly smooth. Success!

candy bark for halloween

halloween candy bark

I wish all the little ghosts and goblins in your life a very Happy Hallowe'en!

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